Loyal companions are welcome

How? Mistress and owner want to go on vacation without me? What nonsense!

I am warmly welcomed in Landidyll Hotel Weidenbrück, because not only the boss of the house loves dogs.

Of course there are a few rules anyway - absolutely clear to me, but summarized again for safety for mistresses and masters:

  • It must also be reserved for me in advance. The price per night is 12 EUR.

  • The bed is of course taboo for me, that's more for two-legged friends. I prefer to lie on my own blanket or my basket.

  • So that mistresses and mistress do not get lost, I drag them everywhere on a leash.

  • In the restaurant I am under the table so that nobody trips over me.

  • I don't bark, otherwise someone could be afraid of me or feel disturbed, and I don't want that.

That was it. So go on, dear mistress and owner - book us quickly, because I am quite wanderlust!

A maximum of 3 dogs can be reserved in parallel in our house. We take great care that all guests feel comfortable

and not be disturbed.


Landidyll Hotel Weidenbrück

Nachtigallenweg 27

53913 Swisttal



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